What our clients are saying

"This was the nicest, best way for two seniors to get around. We felt like we were being treated with respect and that we really mattered."
-Ellen L
"Driven With Care is certainly providing a much-needed service for seniors in Regina! Getting around becomes increasingly difficult as we age, especially in our prairie winter, and a courteous driver helping us in and out of a car makes life so much easier."                                                             
-Lyn G
"Michael and Zachary really live up to the name of their company, Driven With Care. Their caring and compassionate nature was very evident in our first meeting. They're professional, courteous and friendly, and the way they interact with our residents is wonderful. I would highly recommend their services to anyone." 
-Shelly Sundholm
 Sales Director
 Queen Victoria Estates 
"I've never personally used this service but witnessed how one driver treated his client. He was beyond wonderful to this lady. I've never seen this type of care and compassion with any other service. Wow! If that's how all of their drivers are, they are above reproach."
I think that Driven With Care is the perfect way to describe the service given by these young men. I have used them several times, and since my memory is not always great, one of the things I appreciate most is that they check to be sure I have my door keys with me before I go out with them!
-Dr. Jean Freeman
I have recently had a series of appointments some with multiple stops. Driven With Care took care of me through it all. They handled the timing, parking and winters traffic with expertise. They made sure I got safely from home to car and car to appointed place with such friendliness, courtesy and consideration. I will call them again. 
-Shelley D